Introducing: Karen


Hi! I’m Karen.
I’m twenty-three years old.
I’ve been living in California since I was five.
My eyes were opened to the gospel of Jesus Christ in high school.
And my faith was rocked while in college at UC San Diego.
I now live back in Northern California, I work two jobs, and I may or may not have started a collaborative blog for women.

How Substance Over Shadows Came About

Blogs and social media are awesome.
Especially when they are used in a God-honoring way.
I thought it would be fun to start one, but not on my own.
I have been wired to have many interests:
theology, homemaking, art, missional living, health and fitness…
I also love connecting people, organizing things, and being part of a team.
So, I took a risk and started Substance Over Shadows.


P.S. I am stoked to introduce the many amazing women who have committed to contribute to Substance Over Shadows over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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