The Superiority of Glad Submission

I am not a wife, so I cannot speak from first-hand experience, but the other day I had a pre-wife epiphany. I was reading through Ephesians and got to the part about husbands and wives. Normally, I nod my head in agreement and just wonder what it could possibly look like for me in my future. But that day I found myself in a cascade of thoughts about the feminist-hating word: “submission.”

Christian women are called to submit to their own husbands, as to the Lord (Eph. 5:22). Christian men must feel respected and loved when their wives submit to them. But submission in and of itself isn’t great if it’s just part of my duty. How much more loved and respected would a husband feel, if his wife displayed GLAD submission to his leadership? She more accurately reflects Christ when she gladly submits to her husband’s initiating and sacrificial leading. Christ didn’t just submit, he gladly submitted to the Father’s will.

Jump from the earthly picture for a moment. Then Christ, our Heavenly Husband, must get glory and respect when we submit to his will for our lives. And not just plain ho-hum submission, but glad submission to his will. I find myself getting over “mountains” when I say, “I’m finally accepting God’s will for my life.” But I know there is more joy awaiting me when I get to the place where I say, “I gladly accept God’s will for my life.”

If I cannot gladly submit to God’s will and leadership over my life, what makes me think that one day I will gladly submit to some man’s leadership? If I can’t gladly rejoice over Christ’s perfect rule over my life, I will not have inclinations to gladly rejoice over a fallen, sinful man’s leadership in my marriage.

Praying that God moves my heart from submission to glad submission to his will over every area of my life.


3 thoughts on “The Superiority of Glad Submission

  1. Oh yes! This write-up was divine timing for me concerning my co-workers & customers. After reading, I could not help but ponder about our Lord Jesus “gladly submitting” to His Father’s will. The word “gladly” stuck with me all day. I found myself thinking, “gladly do it,” “gladly serve”, “gladly do life,” and soon my heart attitude began to gladly change. If my Savior gladly submitted to His Father’s will, then I too, choose to cooperate with his Spirit to gladly submit to my husband, those over me at work & the customers. Gladly worked late, gladly cooked a hot meal for my man, & gladly made it to Women’s Bible Study. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It’s awesome to see how God’s grace is displayed when we submit to His will for us joyfully, rather than seek our own will. Submission doesn’t need to be a dirty word that is scorned. It should be an act of worship that directs all the attention to Jesus.

    1. David, Amen! Yes, it truly is a God-wrought miracle to not seek our own will. Glad submission showcases his grace!!

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