Introducing: Gabriella

Hi! My name is Gabriella and I am a contributor to Substance Over Shadows! I grew up in the Bay Area, CA with 5 siblings and 2 parents. I attended Whitworth University and studied Elementary Education and Spanish. I taught 1st Grade for 2 years and loved my time with my students. I now am a naturalist in the Santa Cruz mountains and get paid to hike and teach outdoor science to middle school students!

I love: See’s Candies samples, handwriting, fresh fruits, crocheting, being outdoors, Nickel Creek, God’s faithfulness, hiking, Josh Turner, my friends, Naked Juice (Green Machine!), Page CXVI, baking treats for others, sewing, bluegrass, hippies, dancing in the kitchen, making up nicknames for people, my family, Tillamook sharp cheddar, reading, Scratch and Dent at REI, grammar, crafts, backpacking, the truth of God’s Word, MobyWraps, and being loud. I like you! Thanks for reading.

Gabriella is a Contributor for Substance Over Shadows.
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