Introducing: Sarah

I grew up in a small suburb outside of Detroit, MI. I had three older siblings in a tiny house that never seemed quiet, but I loved the chaos. I was raised by two wonderful Christian parents who taught me how important having a relationship with Christ was.

From a young age, I knew I had been given a gift for writing. When I would feel any bit of emotion I would take to my journal and write. I have always loved the way God allowed me to see the world and see people through my writing. When I knew someone was going through a hard time, God would give me the words through writing to comfort them.

My first year of college I decided it was time to leave home and travel. I moved from Detroit to Orlando, and then from Orlando to Phoenix. It was my time in Phoenix that has forever changed my life. I was involved in a beautiful church for eight years. During this time I grew completely in love with my God. I began to grow in Christ in a new and exciting way. I also met my wonderful husband while I was living there.

My husband and I now live in the Bay Area. We are a part of a wonderful church and are excited to see what God has in store for us.

Sarah is a Contributor for Substance Over Shadows.


3 thoughts on “Introducing: Sarah

  1. Sarah you are a beautiful and amazing women who I am so proud to call my daughter. God truly blessed my life with you. Love you tons!!!! Mom xo

  2. Sarah that was amazing! So proud of you & the person God has turned you into. He has great plans for you thru your writing, so keep doing it! I love you!

  3. Sarah – truly enjoyed and was blessed by your writing. God has given you a wonderful gift and it is soooo good that you are sharing this gift with others. You have grown to be quite an amazing young woman. Keep on allowing the rest of us to read your writings. Bless you – Kathy Hess

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