Nature’s Beauty

Fresh air breezes my face,
as the smell of freedom renders this place.
The beauty that surrounds captures me,
a fulfilled soul now in the vicinity.
Sun forming shadows in the pastures below,
happiness I gather is beginning to show.
Sense of security enabling my soul,
traveling on the open road in search for the goal.
Quietness covers the city and streets,
nothing could be better, this will never be beat.
Reflection of a self-portrait not yet found,
life is such as this unbroken ground.
Looking into the eyes of the future to see what’s ahead,
but no one knows, for tomorrow I may be dead.
Hold on to each moment and savor,
forgetting about all its past labor.
Never being able to rewind the time,
look me in the eyes and tell me you’re mine.
Capture the essence, pack it up tight,
don’t let memories go, not without a fight.
Love of nature and the work of God’s hand,
nothing more captivating than the significance of this land.


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