Introducing: Neva

I was born and raised in Northridge, CA where I discovered my heart for children and my passion for dance. By the age of 10, my family had faced a series of events that jaded me as to what life would offer. I matured into one of those kids with too much responsibility for her own good; however, I have no ounce of bitterness toward those hardships, because it has become a part of my story of redemption. The redeeming work of God in my life became apparent to me in college (UC San Diego); now I am free to love and serve others like Jesus.

In 2010, I moved out to the East Coast seeking change, growth, and a wider perspective of this world we live in. I now call Northern Virginia home and stay busy with work, dancing, running, reading, and volunteering. I adore my big family (1 older brother and 5 younger siblings), seek adventures often, and like to be outdoors.

Since moving here, I have met incredible people, have been able to travel to some interesting places for work, have enjoyed snow storms for the first time in my life, and have come to a greater appreciation for the things I took for granted while growing up in Southern California. Above all, I feel blessed beyond measure to have food on my plate and a roof over my head daily.

Neva is a Contributor for Substance Over Shadows.


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