Change of Plans

“Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” Luke 22:42

Recently I’ve had several opportunities to reflect on this passage and what it’s meant in my life.

I  behaved just like Jonah.  About five years ago, God sent me to a proverbial Ninevah when I unexpectedly found myself pregnant.  This happened a few days after I arranged to go to Costa Rica for my student teaching.  He wanted me to learn to be a wife and mother, but I was afraid, so I ignored Him as best I could.  I became a wife and mother, but I was still determined to teach, to work outside the home.  My plans would not be derailed.

The Lord humored me for a while.  I graduated, got my credential in two states, and secured a teaching position, just like I wanted.  But after one year of teaching (which was not all I thought it would be), I became a stay-at-home-mom, and to say that it was a struggle for me was an understatement.

I had it all figured out.  Surely God didn’t send me to college so that I could sit at home all day, every day, with the kids.  He was going to use me for more noble work in the world.  But, I didn’t understand His purpose, His will, for wives and mothers, for me.

I had continued to go on my own way, ignoring His calling in my life.  I chose to believe that I knew what was best for me in my life.  But God is sovereign and God is good.  He knew that I needed to be redirected back to Him, so He shut every door until He was all I had. I had lost sight of being the creation and not the creator.

Are you listening to God? What is he calling you to do with your life?


4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Hayley, what a privilege you have as a mother! God has given you souls to disciple, care for, and raise–there is no more noble task! You are playing an instrumental and irreplaceable role in raising up a new generation of men and women who will, by God’s grace, love Jesus, marry godly people, and impact the cities in which they live. God has wired you specifically to be the “perfect” mom for your kids. I love that. I loved the honesty of this post. Be encouraged to continue in your noble work, even if at times it seems less than noble. Love you.

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