A Painful Break-up

I wrote the following poem after a painful break up. I knew he was not the right man and God wanted me to break up with him. I was looking at this man as my savior instead of looking to Jesus. Nevertheless, it broke my heart. If only I would have known the wonderful man God was preparing for me at the time.

An empty soul delivered from death,
His love has healed her wounds.
He revives her with every ounce of his breath,
taking her out of the hands of doom.
A Savior to her though she has yet to see,
this woman cannot find the truth.
Recognizing what she is starting to be,
because her pain he started to soothe.

Looking deeply in his eyes,
realizing how much this man cares.
She has overlooked all of his lies,
because he decided to take on all she bears.
Not thinking twice about jumping on,
she’s using her heart instead of her brain.
For she thought no one could break this bond,
her love for him was insane.

Riding off into the sunset,
never once did she turn around.
Chancing her life with this crazy bet,
Hoping that she’d never be found.
This was the day their love came to an end,
something she never thought would be.
For her life momentarily he did mend,
but Jesus finally allowed her to see.


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