Who isn’t totes crazy about abbrevs?


Have you heard?

It’s everywhere.

There’s a new trend sweeping the entire universe.

It’s blowin’ up your tweets, creepin’ into your Facebook feed, infiltrating your e-mails, and it’s mos DEF all up in your text messages.

You can’t stop it. At this point, either give in and join the trend, or stand idly as the whole world passes you by.

If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about…


Oh, yes. Abbrevs are the sweet new way to eliminate unnecessary letters and facilitate quick and easy communication. Everyone knows that every time you say something like “obviously” instead of “obvi,” you waste half a second of your life.

Trick is, do most people know what you mean? Usually one who has become comfortable speaking in abbrevs will gain the skill to infer what another means by a word, even if they haven’t heard it before.

Here are my personal favs:

  • Sups: super
  • Totes: totally
  • Brill: brilliant
  • Fav: favorite
  • Def: definitely
  • Jeal: jealous
  • Obvi: obviously
  • Presh: precious
  • Whatevs: whatever
  • Adorbs: adorable
  • Obnox: obnoxious
  • Awk: awkward
  • Perf: perfect

Feel free to mix ‘n match and use multiple abbrevs in a single sentence. For example:

“Wasn’t Matt Chandler totes brill in that sermon on Sunday?”
“Mos def! I was sups convicted.”

How do you feel about abbrevs? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Which do you use most frequently?


4 thoughts on “Who isn’t totes crazy about abbrevs?

  1. Too funny! My brother-in-law is learning English and he also just got his first cell phone (he’s in 7th grade). My mother-in-law caught him texting one of his friends, “Too ba,” because he thought he’d be cool and abbreviate like all the other kids, but he just doesn’t get what works and what doesn’t.

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