Whose Mitts Matters?

A few months ago I put one of my cookie recipes on Tasty Kitchen because I received pretty positive feedback from the people I’d fed it to.

Unfortunately, friends : Karen :: “friends” : American Idol contestants who cannot sing.

(If analogies weren’t your strong suit, let me put it this way: they didn’t want to hurt my feelings even though the cookies were not good.)

They didn’t look too bad to me, or taste too bad to me, but 2 mitts out of 5!

It made me sad. I allowed it to rule me.

I went through a mini-grieving process after seeing the 2-mitt rating:

  1. Denial: “This can’t be right.”
  2. Anger: “Who the heck does she think she is, leaving me 2 mitts?!”
  3. Bargaining: “If she’d baked it right, maybe she wouldn’t have hated it.”
  4. Depression: “I am a horrible baker and I should never put recipes up again.”
  5. Acceptance: “My recipe could use improvement. These cookies are pretty dry.”

Then I went through a deeper grieving process for the underlying issue: my sin.

My approval idol caused an identity crisis. I placed my worth in something outside of Christ, so I reacted sinfully when I saw the rating.

I lost sight of the One whose “mitts” actually matters.


3 thoughts on “Whose Mitts Matters?

  1. AHHH thanks for the honesty. So fresh. What people think about how I cook, drive, sing, write, decorate, etc etc etc tends to minimize everything I actually know about my identity. That grieving process is key… so many silly things we tell ourselves and conclusions we jump to about who we are based on little things we do.

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