Eyes heavy laden with tears
Heart raging into stormy fits
Thick darkness
Deep valleys

O, you of little faith,
Where is your faith?
It is but a flicker, a small ember.

“Be still.”
The words are strong.
My colic soul is quieted.
The calmer of the waves
Speaks to my drowning heart.
His words quiet my fits.
“Know that I am God.”

I am not God.
He is God.
Thank God.

What is faith, but
Pulling off the mask
Of a seemingly cruel God
And exposing the
Hidden smile of God

The One who is

The tiny spark of faith,
Is fanned into flame.
God’s words
Misaligned feelings.

This weak sinner now hopes
That her heart will be filled with
Indestructible joy
In God
Despite circumstances.


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