What’s Mine is Yours

There are some verses in the Bible that utterly shock me. I read them over and over again and I don’t understand the words. Other times I gloss over them so nonchalantly that I don’t realize the megaton of truth that God is communicating to me. This was the case with a verse in Luke 15.

Jesus tells the parable of the two sons–the prodigal son and the elder brother. Both of the sons are committing high treason because they want the Father’s gifts, but not the Father. The prodigal son does this conspicuously with flagrant, excessive living with his part of the inheritance. The elder brother’s offense is much more subtle. He thinks he’s earned the rights to the Father’s gifts by doing all the right things. He then begrudges the Father’s generosity to the younger brother.

“Look, I have always done what you commanded me, but you have never given me anything. This wayward son of yours comes home and you give him a huge party!” And the Father says to him, “Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours…”
– Luke 15:31

The elder brother doesn’t get it. The Father is saying, “I am the source of all the gifts, and I am better than all the gifts. Son, you have Me!”

What can Jesus possibly mean? He created and owns all goodness, all joy, all power, all satisfaction… and it’s ours?

He must mean if you have the Creator, the source of everything, than you have it all. You lack nothing. May we be shocked to our core and really really happy that we have Christ.  May it not surprise us when he takes away “all things” so that Christ is all we have. And when all we have is Christ, may we see we have all things.


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