Our Posture Before God

Sometimes when I pray I think about my posture with God. For example, am I in the arms of Jesus or at his feet? Is his loving hand on my head or is my head on his shoulder?

I have a few songs I want to share with you about our posture before him. The first one is an upbeat one by the David Crowder Band. When you listen to it you can imagine yourself leaning against God. I love the lyrics saying how we can have fellowship, a joy divine, a blessedness, and a peace  from leaning on his arms. (I also love the banjo!)

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

The next song is by Kari Jobe. She paints a beautiful picture of sitting at the feet of Jesus. May this song allow you to enter into a prayer with God!

The More I Seek You

The last song is by Enter the Worship Circle. I love the picture of God taking our weight from our shoulders. It’s also an incredible image of having clenched hands and opening them up for God.

Too Proud

May you enjoy communion with God today.


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