Sweeter than Sirens

This is my honest confession,
Of a lifelong lesson:
Siren’s melodies enchant with their ring
I need an infinitely sweeter song to sing

I have forsaken the Living Water
I run to waterless cisterns, not trusting my Father
I am dying of thirst
My soul feels cursed

These broken bones will rejoice
When You purge me with Your voice
The voice that creates with galactic power
I beg for You to speak a new heart into this old tower

Oh bind me, bind me to You, O Lord
No other lovers will my soul adore
If I lose my mind and wander
Ravish me, O Great Lover

There is no other way to be free
Unless I am bound to You eternally
My crusty eyes fail
My heart begins to set sail

Anchor me to You
For no other love will do
Breathe on me Spirit from above
Melt this stony heart with Your love

Siren’s songs will fade away to be heard no more
When this heart sings heavenly notes for
A love that is sweeter and better and supreme
And there in freedom this soul will beam.


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