A Glimpse of Glory

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us.”
– Romans 8:19

Paul had a life-changing, joy-altering glimpse of glory. I want that. He says the glory was so great that it made pains, sufferings, and trials incomparable–not even on the same playing field. Like a professional tennis player playing against a young child new to the sport, they can’t be compared.

From my viewpoint, pain, suffering, and tragedy seem to weigh heavily on human hearts. It’s all-encompassing and burdensome.  But Paul has this glory-view that makes sufferings and pains part of something way greater and more phenomenal–like they’re just a dot on an intricately glorious painting.

I want this glimpse of glory. I want pains and tragedies and sufferings to pale in comparison to the glory that will be revealed. This view of God’s glory and the future glory that will be revealed gave Paul and the other apostles a different scale of joy. All of a sudden we see them rejoicing in suffering, glad that they were counted worthy to suffer for Christ. What?! How do you get there? How do you respond with joy in God despite suffering, poverty, and affliction?

Could it be that this glimpse of God’s glory in the face of Christ is so magnificent that even a look of it spreads to the viewer? It’s as though a look at glory forever transforms you. It connects you to the glorious, splendor of God. You are associated with the King. I want this joy-altering, life-changing glimpse. I need this glory-view. Lord, show me your glory.


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