God at Work

World, meet my mom.

My mom and I have hardly anything in common, so spending time together has been difficult since I could remember. I have a tendency to either religiously judge her or irreligiously disregard her. It’s not honoring to God or enjoyable to witness.

By God’s grace, though, my heart is being changed.

A few months ago, as the Lord surfaced my idols, led me to repentance, and called me to action, I began to intentionally spend time with my mom. I took my mom out on a mommy-daughter date on my birthday, and asked if we could spend time together on a regular basis.

Three weeks later, we had our first coffee date. And, long story short, it ended with my mom agreeing to do Bible study with me every week for our hangout time.

Mom’s Bible Study Materials

We are reading through the Gospel of Mark, slowly but surely. She reads the Chinese CCB version of the Bible on her iPad, with her reading glasses and Google Translate app on her iPhone. I read the English ESV Study Bible. She asks questions as we read, I answer what I can, and we dialogue about the text.

For two hours every week, I get to teach my mom about Jesus, digging into who he says he is, what he came to do, and what that implies for us. It’s amazing to me what doors he’s opening and how much I’m learning from my mom. Our relationship is a work in progress, but God is clearly at work.

I pray that one day soon God will tear down the walls of my mom’s broken, calloused heart; that she will repent and believe the gospel; that she would fall in love with Jesus.


3 thoughts on “God at Work

  1. Made a lil mistake by reading this while at my desk at the office. Now I’m in tears. Tears of joy and gratitude. I love that He has already done so much and will continue to do so much more. We have an amazing, faithful God who restores, renews, and redeems. Much love to you, Karen, and your momma!

  2. Thats wonderful, Karen! I’ll be praying for you and your mom! The Lord is so beautiful to us once we see how great and gracious He truly is. I pray that God opens her heart to see just how wonderful He truly is, and that she would experience the kind of freedom He promises all who come to Him in humility.

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