Bible Marathon

Y’know those lists you can create on Facebook, so that you can select which group of your friends to see? Perfect for wanting to see a news feed of family only, or classmates, or maybe you have a list with a more descriptive name like “Stalkers” or “Ladieeeez” or “Thursday Night Swashbucklers”. One of my lists is called “Acts to Follow”, and consists of people that I would like to emulate. A person on that list is named Garry Friesen.

Dr. G, as hundreds or maybe thousands of people know him, has been a professor at Multnomah University since before I was born. I’ve never met or even heard of a person who knows (and deeply loves) the first five books of the Bible as much as Dr. G does.  I could write a long and glorious blog about the dear man, but that’s not what this post is really about. It’s about a Bible-reading revolution he kinda made up and has now introduced to people all over the world. The Bible Marathon.


Take a minute and answer this question as honestly as you possibly can: What is the longest portion of Scripture that you have ever sat down and read all at once? Or maybe, what’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent reading the Bible? Please, really do answer those questions for yourself before you go on.

Did you answer them?

We’ve gotten so far away from how to dive into the written Word that God has given us.  Fifteen-Minute Devotional books fill the shelves, and we so easily wrap up cute little bows on a verse or two, maybe a chapter, unless we’re feeling really spiritual and tackle three or four whole chapters in one day!

The Bible Marathon is this really wonderful, exhausting, heart-changing idea in which a group of people set aside the better part of a day to read a massive, and I mean massive, chunk of Scripture aloud.  A group of about 10-20 people works best, and depending on what books of the Bible you choose to read, your marathon can take anywhere from 2-18 hours.  I bet you can imagine how taxing, difficult, and AWESOME that is.

Here is a link with suggested guidelines for a Bible Marathon, including a helpful chart of how long a certain chunk of the Bible should take to read this way.

Do it. I’m so not kidding. And invite me.

Photo Credit: Restless Pilgrim


One thought on “Bible Marathon

  1. Hey Miss!
    A friend of mine just moved from Boston to attend MU =) &&& a group of friends of mine over the summer did this “Bible Marathon” and were able to read through the whole Bible this summer!

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