Cyber Monday Feature: Royal Windsor Knits

My name is Kathryn Filip and I am the owner/sole knitter at Royal Windsor Knits! I have been knitting since I was about 9 years old, when my mom taught me to knit.

When I was 11 years old, my parents responded to the call of God on their lives. Two years later, when I was 13, they took our family on an adventure of a lifetime from England to Romania. We went to encourage and take Bibles/literature to the persecuted Christians. Long story very short, I met my now husband of 28 years! He was 14 at the time, spoke no English but loved God and we fell in love. We got married, moved to the States, and have 3 wonderful grown children.

Last year, I was knitting and making things for family and friends when my kids introduced me to the wonderful world of Etsy. I opened a shop in November 2011 and people seemed to really like my cowls and scarves etc., and this is where my little side business started.

My husband and I have never been able to afford to take the kids to Romania and see where we met, so this year I began to think about my little side knitting business. I have set a goal to make enough money to take our whole family to Romania and join with some friends there who run a School of Worship. (They have been asking my husband and I to go and teach in the school during the summer.) We have been involved in leading worship for many years and would love the opportunity to help the next generation in any way, especially in the country we met in so many years ago! So, that is my dream and God willing, if the business does well, we will be able to go there hopefully next year.

Thank you for reading and God Bless you all as you follow after His heart.

– Kathryn (Royal Windsor Knits)

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