Carrying Out the Mission

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’
(Matthew 25:40 ESV)

My church family is teaming alongside Santa Clara County Social Services to make an impact this Christmas season through Operation Santa.

What is Operation Santa?

Operation Santa is an adopt-a-family program provides Christmas gifts to families who are currently involved in Santa Clara County’s Child Welfare system.

The parents in these families are in the process of having their children returned to their care after being previously removed due to abuse or neglect. All of the families referred to Operation Santa are receiving Family Maintenance Services and are working hard to complete court-ordered case plans to help them get their lives back on track.

Why Operation Santa?

The reason Garden City Church is participating in Operation Santa is three-fold:

1. Join us together to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We get to live generous lives because of our generous God who has graciously given us more than we deserve. We also get to do it together and make a concentrated impact in the city we live in.

2. Invite non-Christians (family/friends/co-workers) in to what we are doing, backing up our proclamation of Jesus with our works!

3. Spread the name of Jesus into this untapped area of Silicon Valley. Christians don’t have a great name or impact in our city and we want to change this through our generosity as a gospel-driven church that wants to see this city changed.

How did Garden City get connected to Operation Santa?

One of the members at our church, Katie, works in child welfare for Santa Clara County. She approached me about a month ago with a passion and desire to see our church family partner alongside the Department of Family and Children’s Services to make a tangible, concentrated, gospel-centric impact this Christmas through Operation Santa.

What really got this ball rolling, though, was her proactive leadership in following through with the details of her vision: packets, details, logistics, and timelines to make it attainable for people to get involved.

What is the goal?

Because of Katie’s vision, every Neighborhood Group at Garden City Church is adopting at least 1 family through Operation Santa. Our hope is to adopt all 60 families that were referred this year, and that our sharing of the gospel and our resources will be used by God to make an eternal impact on these families’ lives.

What now?

Join me in praying that in everything–from the letters we write to the gifts that we wrap and the social workers we come in contact with–the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would draw people in, break through cemented hearts, and gain great glory for himself in saving lives in Silicon Valley.

Join us on mission at Garden City Church. If you want more information on the child welfare system or how Operation Santa works, contact us at serve [at]

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