Happy New Year! A 31-Day Challenge


Happy 2013, friends!

Comforts from the Cross, by Elyse Fitzpatrick, is a 31-day devotional that celebrates  31 facets of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was introduced to it a couple months ago and have been rocked by it, so I thought it would be fun to pass it on.

I invited a group of five girls from my church to join me in reading through the book in a 31-day challenge.

The purpose of this project/challenge is 3-fold, going along with our church’s core values:

  1. Gospel – to deepen our personal relationships  with Jesus.
  2. Community – to deepen our relationships with each other.
  3. Vocation – to equip us as we make disciples in Silicon Valley.

I encouraged them to read at the same pace (starting on January 1st), and to share their questions, comments, and reflections as they worked through the devotionals. The only guideline I gave for their sharing was to do so at least once a week for accountability and encouragement.

Then I started off our challenge with a prayer.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your tremendous grace lavished upon us through Jesus Christ.

Thank you for giving us faith to believe in you, for your amazing love that sets us free from condemnation and sin.

God, I pray that you would use Comforts from the Cross to draw us near to you, that you might deepen our understanding of grace and magnify our impact in our spheres of influence as we better reflect Jesus.

God, would you open our eyes, soften our hearts, incline our ears to hear your word.

Jesus, we love you.

It’s in his name that we pray,


If you want to do this either alone or with a group, please try it out! We would love to hear how God uses this book to impact you.

Click here to purchase the book.

*Photo Credit: Crossway Publishing


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