The 77-Day Engagement


Chad and I got engaged on February 1st, 2013.

We both work full-time (plus some: he just opened a coffee shop in San Jose two months ago) and are pretty involved at our church, so it’s not like we have tons of spare time on our hands; but we chose have a 77-day engagement and here is why:

1. We estimated 2 months to prepare for marriage (pre-marital counseling) and plan a party (wedding/honeymoon), which put us in the month of April.

2. April 20th was the only date that worked for both of our immediate families as well as our pastor who is marrying us.

Many people have been shocked when they found out how short our engagement is — and no, I’m not pregnant. It totally makes sense, though, because according to American culture it takes at least 9-16 months to plan your “perfect” wedding and a crap ton of money to do it.

However, the purpose of our engagement isn’t to plan an elaborate wedding.

The purpose of our engagement is to prepare for marriage; we just happen to be celebrating our commitment with our friends and family by throwing a wedding ceremony & reception. The venue is not perfect, the dress will not be perfect, the event will not run on time, and according to The Knot I still have hundreds of “overdue” to-do items… But at the end of the day, I will have my best friend as my husband, and will have thrown a party to celebrate that.

And that is why we have a 77-day (short) engagement!


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