Gospel Partnerships: The Flip Side


In the few years I’ve been a Christian, I’ve consistently been on the donor side of financial partnerships: missions trips, non-profit ministries, church plants, and the like. My parents taught me to save from an early age, guided me to strategically invest as I got older, and made it so that I was always able to partner with friends both prayerfully and financially in their missionary endeavors. It has been a huge blessing to be able to “contribute to the needs of the saints” (Romans 12:13) in such a tangible way.

But now the tables have turned.

As you may or my not know, the last 4 months have been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I got married (yay Chad!), moved to a little country home 20 miles south of where I grew up (yay bugs!), left my full-time job that paid well and gave benefits, and hopped on board with my now-husband into the small business adventure at Avid Coffee in the Almaden neighborhood of San Jose, California.

Why Coffee?

A couple years ago Chad went to Verve Coffee Roasters with a friend, where he experienced his “coffee awakening” — coffee was no longer just a burnt, bitter substance that needed added flavor, but a sweet, complex drink that is to be enjoyed as it is. He was shaken out of what he thought he knew when he experienced something beautiful.

On a greater scale, Chad viewed his “coffee awakening” as a shadow of a greater awakening: to the gospel. What better way to introduce beauty to a dry and complacent community than with a drink that they have every day and think they “know”?

Why Almaden?

Almaden Valley is not known for its community anymore. “Over the last 10-15 years, local businesses have died out, locals have grown increasingly complacent, and… instead of creating and cultivating life in their own community, they buy it elsewhere.”

Chad grew up in Almaden. He sees how “blah” it’s become and God has put an unshakeable desire for him to be a “waker” in the community he once saw so much life in. So when the opportunity came up for him to open up a coffee shop in Almaden, he jumped at it. He saw it as his way in to the community–a ministry opportunity he could not pass up.

So… What Now?

After getting married, God called me to join Chad full-time at Avid, therefore making us a double-almost-no-income household with a struggling start-up. We’re covering the losses on a month-to-month basis with our savings account, but it isn’t sustainable for long. We realized that instead of doing it on our own, we should ask for help.

It is humbling for me to be on the “flip side” of the financial partnership experience, but such a joyful one too! Chad and I sent out email letters today and have already received various gifts of gracious support by our church family.

Lord willing, we will be fully funded by August 31st.

So if you feel inclined and want to partner with us, click here to let us know. We are seeking 80 partners and $75,000 to cover for the upcoming year. Otherwise, please pray for us as you think of us, and visit Avid one of these days! :)


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