Life is Fragile. Complacency is Crazy.

My husband’s second blog post since returning to the “blog-osphere” last weekend. I am blessed to have married a man who loves Jesus more than anything (or anyone).

Chad A. Francis

Two weeks ago my mom posted a Facebook status saying:

“Remember to keep your family close and love them always because you never know how much time you have with them.”

One of the most backwards things about our society today is the bend toward taking seriously things of little importance, while being so casual about things of actual weight and importance. How is it we can invest more energy in our careers than we do at home with the very people we are working to provide for? How is it we can be so emotionally involved with our favorite sports team or TV show but have so little affections for the God who loves us?

The word I use to describe this is complacency. Complacency isn’t simply doing nothing; it’s more dangerous than that. Complacency carries with it the sense that you are ok because you are doing something, but…

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