Top 10 #franciswedding Moments

5 months ago I married my best friend after a 77-day engagement.

Photography by Samuel Potter. Here are my top 10 memories (you can see the video highlights from Studio Light here):

1. The First Look. For two introverts, having time together before the craziness was more important than holding to the don’t-see-each-other-till-you-walk-down-the-aisle tradition.

2. The Epic Groomsmen Shot.

3. Lots of Down Time. With type-A scheduling and buffer times, there was plenty of down time for the wedding party to just hang out and slowly get ready before people started coming.

4. Spontaneous Prayer Time + Awesome Bridesmaids. They packed me (dairy-free) food, followed me w ith bug spray, and covered me in prayer.

5. Short Ceremony (25 minutes). I believe this was the moment Justin (our pastor) said “and they were naked -[insert long pause]- and unashamed” and Gus (his youngest son) yelled “HE SAY NAKED!” from the back of the site.

6. Serving Our Guests. This saved time and gave us face time with each wedding guest.

6 (again).

7. My Dad’s Toast. You can read a little bit more about my dad here, and one of these days I’ll tell our whole story… but his toast was amaze-bells.

8. Ninja Cake-in-the-Face. Sorry Chad.

9. Gangnam Style w/ Dad. He’s a crazy dancer.

10. No Send-Off. People were having fun dancing, so we left quietly on our own. It was enough attention for the day. :)

For the complete picture album, please visit Facebook.


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