More Thoughts on Goals

In the spirit of the new year and promoting well being, my company posted signs like the one above around our 6-story building.

“Think outside the [lunch] box. Take the stairs.”

“The elevator is tired today. Take the stairs.”

“You ate how much? Take the stairs.” (My personal favorite.)

It makes sense why an company would want their employees to be healthy. Physically healthy people generally sleep better, live longer, and are more productive at work.

The statements posted all around our building are intended to be helpful, but it occurred to me that goals and our to-dos are meaningless without a motivating vision behind them. Taking the stairs is meaningless if you haven’t bought into the why behind the what.

S – specific, significant
M – measurable, meaningful
A – attainable, action-oriented
R – relevant, rewarding
T – time-bound, trackable

I wrote a post on this once on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. But before setting goals (to-dos) that are S.M.A.R.T., there has to be a strategy of where you’re going. Life is like a long (very long) road trip. You need a purpose/destination (vision), pit stops (strategy), and planning (goals) to get there. Planning each pit stop with no final destination could end up feeling more like limbo than a fun ride, and knowing your destination with nothing measurable to identify whether you’re on track could also feel like limbo–you won’t be done for a looooong time.

S.M.A.R.T. goals don’t get me very far when I don’t have vision or strategy behind them. Having signs to remind me to take the stairs, stop eating so much, or read my Bible won’t get me very far if I don’t see the life I’ve been given, the direction that I’m headed, and the destination God is taking me towards. But when I see, realize, believe that God has given me life in Christ, that God has given me purpose (Matt. 28), and that he’s given me gifts to use and places to go because he’s made me who I am and put me where I am for a reason, it gives my goals a greater purpose than just to get them done.

As I look at my goals this year, I am grateful to say that God has shown me that in Christ, through Christ, and because of Christ I have a Father in Heaven who is working all things together for my good, for his glory. I know my sanctification won’t be complete on this side of eternity, but having a personal vision gives my strategies and goals far more meaning than strategies and goals in and of themselves. Here is mine: My vision is to be free as a daughter of the King, safe as a sister in Christ, and contagious as a friend of sinners.

To be continued. :)


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