Early Father’s Day Adventure

Chad and I found out earlier this week that our dads would be in town Saturday for Father’s Day. With Elaine (sister) living in the city, we figured we could monopolize on the fact that we’re all in the same geographic location about once every 14 months to spend a day in San Francisco.

Here is a recap of our imperfectly perfect Father’s Day.

1. Drive up.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances we showed up to San Francisco about 75 minutes later than I had planned; however, our dads enjoyed their individual Father’s Day cards, no one got sick, we hardly hit traffic, and we found street parking 3 minutes away from the Ferry Building before meeting up with Elaine!


2. Walk to/from Pier 39.

After lunch, we had ~1 hour left on our meter and wanted to go for a walk, so we gave ourselves the challenge to walk to and from Pier 39 before our meter ran out. With a normal pace and no stops for pictures, this would have been a breeze; however, on a beautiful day in San Francisco we’re sharing the sidewalk with runners, pedicabs, and every other tourist who had the same idea we did… not to mention a lagging teammate who has to pee every 30 minutes (me). :)

The Australian gentleman who took the photo below had also never used an iPhone (quick tutorial didn’t work so well–he took a burst of 31 photos) and gave us investing advice for days. Fortunately, we made it to Pier 39 and back with great success and 4 minutes to spare on the meter.


3. Hayes Valley.

Our original plan was to drop Elaine off and head down to Santa Cruz (where my dad and Jeff could take a nap to regain energy on the drive). But since Elaine didn’t have to head back yet, we kidnapped her for longer and took her to Hayes Valley for Smitten Ice Cream. We, again, got “lucky” (thank you Jesus!) with parking 2 minutes away from the shop!

“I feel like a tourist.” – Dad



Another scene that warmed my heart was the view of the 2nd picture above. My dad & Jeff are in the background chatting (they get along like brothers) and Chad & Elaine in the front. Happy in-laws. :)

4. Drive home.

My dad’s jet lag was kicking in big-time so we decided to drop Elaine off and take Dad home a bit early. I turned around halfway down to San Jose and saw this:

(Both Jeff & Dad were happily napping in the back seat after a Saturday adventure with family. Success!)

After dropping my dad off, Chad, Jeff and I went to dinner and a movie, which ended up being filled with more good parking spots, changed plans, and unexpected fun.

All my plans changed yesterday, but I could not have asked for a better day filled with spontaneity, laughs, and adventures. It was an imperfectly perfect day and it left my heart very full.

Thank you Lord.

For my thoughts from Father’s Day last year, please click here.


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