Wet Cement: The Strategic College Years

Post by my dear husband. “The college campus might be the most strategic mission field in America.” Read:

Chad A. Francis

I’ll never forget the night nearly 2 years ago, where our NG family of 15+ adults shared their testimonies, and we realized nearly all of us were saved in college (if memory serves, 8 or 9 were specifically saved as sophomores, myself included).

Later when I learned that 77% of professions of faith come before or during the college years, I was not surprised. College is a formative time of life.

These years are formative for a myriad of reasons: we are out on our own for the first time (away from mom/dad/the context of our upbringing), learning who we are as individuals, meeting a number of new people/ideas (the college campus is the ultimate melting-pot), making decisions about what we will do with the rest of our lives. People rarely come out the same way they went in, but however they do come out seems pretty set for the…

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