Newborn (& Mama) Products: Favorites, Not-So-Favorites, & FYIs

As a first-time mom, I had no idea which baby products I would really use and which ones I liked the idea of using but would never actually use. I’ve compiled four 5-item lists: favorite newborn products, favorite new mama products, FYI – which brands of essentials I used, and thought-I-needed-it-but-didnt-actually products.

Favorite Newborn Products

  • Water Wipes

    These wipes are not the cheapest ($0.06/wipe), but are by far the best for baby’s skin and totally worth the investment. Thanks to these wipes, my little one rarely gets any sort of rash; when she does, it goes away quickly. The wipes come super moist so I wring out the excess into my OXO Perfect Pull Wipe Dispenser and use Viva Vantage Paper Towels (the super soft ones, cut in half) for extra wipes. It makes it more worth the price.
  • Gerber Flatfold Cloth Diapers

    We aren’t cloth diapering, but these are great as rags/burp cloths. Madelyn is a spit-up queen and we go through at least 3 of these a day. They’re absorbent, cheap, and cover a lot of surface area as a first line of defense for the liquid burps. :)
  • Carter’s Sleep & Plays

    The two things I now look for in newborn clothes are built-in mittens (they looooove scratching their little faces) & zip-up/button-up fronts (because their heads are so soft and delicate). With the exception of a couple outfits for special occasions, these became my go-to very quickly.
  • Matimati Bandana Bibs

    These stylish, soft bandana bibs are the BEST for catching baby drool & spit-up. There are other brands of these out there, but Matimati is what I registered for and currently use. You can see from the photo that these scoop out under the chin, so it helps keep baby’s neck dry better than flat bibs.
  • Miracle Blanket

    No velcro. No zipper. No escape. Best swaddle! I have 2 and rotate between them since I use it for all of Maddie’s naps and sleeps.

Favorite New Mama Products

  • Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads

    Once my milk came in I started leaking everywhere 😛 (Sorry, TMI.) I highly recommend these: machine washable, ridiculously soft, and super absorbent. I got extra overnight ones since I would sometimes go through more than one set before doing the laundry again. Side note: I tried a knock-off brand that advertised “soft bamboo” pads that are cheaper, but the quality is nowhere near these. Worth the splurge.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Cream

    One jar of this lasted me through till breastfeeding wasn’t painful/result in soreness. It also has OK-for-baby ingredients to ingest so you don’t have to wipe it off for every feeding (which is incredibly frequent the first few weeks!). It also smells good. :)
  • Target Gilligan O’Malley Cotton Nursing Camis

    I literally own 8 of these. In the same color. Some days I go through 3 camis. Around the house, I wear this with my yoga pants. When I leave the house, I just put on a nursing scarf/oversized top and wear this as an undershirt. Seriously the best. Get lots of these!
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Hand Cream

    When my mom got this for me I thought, “I live in the Pacific Northwest. I won’t get dry skin!” But alas, with the amount of times I have washed my hands since Maddie’s been born, this hand cream has been a life saver. I highly recommend getting a few tubes and leaving them anywhere you wash your hands.
  • Postpartum Belly Band
    I’ve had some minor lower back injuries since my dance team days, so after a little human exited my body I needed something to help with the lower back pain (and help my organs find their place again). This band is only $13 and relieved a lot of my back pain.

FYI – Brands I Used

  • Stroller: Armadillo Flip XT

    I LOVE MY STROLLER! Huge canopy, full one-hand recline, one-handed fold, giant basket, folds both facing out and with seat reversed, all-terrain wheels. It’s also teal, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. :)
  • Car Seat: Cybex Aton Q

    This car seat is highly rated and fit with the stroller I picked. The base has a shock-absorbing load leg and the seat has an extra large canopy. It also doesn’t require the base for installation, which is convenient for travel.
  • Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers & Bambo Nature

    Pampers Swaddlers are a hit because they have the wetness indicator and fit newborns’ little legs well, so these are husby’s favorite.

    Bambo Nature is almost 100% compostable, super absorbent, and friendly for baby’s tushy; however, these diapers run really big so it took Maddie a couple weeks to fit into these (even their preemie size).
  • Monitor: Angelcare Video Monitor

    We wanted to have our baby sleep in her crib from day 1 so that sleep training would be easier in the long run, and this monitor gave us incentive to do so! The movement pad is installed underneath her crib mattress, and the range is strong enough all around our house, so this was perfect for us. The video quality is terrible and it’s a bit limiting where you can set the monitor/crib, but all in all it does the job and it gives us peace of mind that she is breathing. No false alarms, either.
  • Crib: Babyletto Harlow 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

    My in-laws got this for us, so we got a fancier crib with acrylic bars in the front so you can see through. Babyletto makes a lower end one that is pretty much the same crib without the acrylic (I think it’s the Hudson model).

Not-So-Favorite Products

  • Diaper Ointments/CreamsCreams and ointments made M’s diaper rashes worse, so we found the best solution was a clean, dry tushy (with our WaterWipes), a good diaper (thank you Bambo Nature), and air flow (naked tushy time).
  •  Thick BlanketsI received SO many adorable blankets that are way too thick, heavy, and small. I highly recommend getting a few breathable muslin swaddles (like Ziggy Baby or aden + anais) instead–they’re ginormous and comfy for baby.
  • Cheap Crib SheetsWe got one set of nicer crib sheets that we ended up getting more of (Burt’s Bees) because the cheap crib sheets from Amazon were just flimsy and didn’t fit the crib mattress well enough. You only need 2-3 crib sheets, so opt for ones that won’t leave you stressed about it getting loose and smothering your little one.
  • Over-the-head ClothingFirst-time parents + soft baby head + flailing flimsy baby arms = disaster for over-the-head clothing.
  • Nursing CoversOversized tees, wide scarves, and muslin swaddles are stylish and all you need for coverage.

Whew! That was fun. I hope you find my lists helpful, and let me know if you find any newborn products you can’t live without! :)




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