A Mother’s Love is Just a Shadow

It seems like yesterday that M was 2 days old. I didn’t recognize my body, didn’t remember what sleep felt like, couldn’t walk… But alas, just like everyone seemed to say, time flew by way more quickly than I anticipated.

I never thought I could love a helpless little human as much as I do. She doesn’t conform to my schedule, give me days off, or do as I say, and yet on the hardest days all I want to do every night is to (sleep, and) do it all over again the next day–most days with a schedule change.

It’s crazy to think that even with the amount of love I feel for M, it is nothing in comparison to God’s love for his children. My earthly, limited, imperfect love is true and right, but my motherly love is merely a shadow meant to point me to the One who loves infinitely and perfectly.

May I seek to shadow His perfect love well to my daughter, remembering how much I’ve been loved first.


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