Be Yourself!

I am very okay at a lot of things. But I am not, and never have been, the best at anything.

I’ve never been the prettiest, smartest, artsiest, friendliest, fittest… you name it. I can always name someone I know who is better at (insert appropriate phrase here) than I am.

Up until recently, I’ve always seen this as a problem. Do I have too many interests? Am I a jack of all trades and master of none? (Is that really a bad thing?) Am I wasting away my gifts by not specializing in one?

It wasn’t until I laid awake the other night wondering about my problem that I realized that my desire to hone in on one expertise and become the master of it was largely driven by pride & culture rather than calling. God doesn’t give the same gifts to his people, and some people have more focused gifts than others (Ephesians 4:7). And that is okay. I can still use whatever gifts I’ve been given, whatever platform I’ve been given, to God’s glory–and it doesn’t need to just be focused on one thing. Of course, I want to strive to be better in all of my endeavors, but I don’t need to pursue only one interest if that is not where I’ve been called.

As that realization moved down into my heart, I felt so at peace. I don’t need to start an Etsy shop with my hand-lettered creations. I don’t need to have thousands of followers on my social media accounts. I don’t need to be known by people in Christian subculture. Heck, I don’t need to be a Yelp Elite reviewer. I can just be me, a woman who loves Jesus, loves my family, loves my church, loves teaching Pure Barre, and loves #pencilligraphy.

How freeing!


3 thoughts on “Be Yourself!

  1. Amen to all of this, sister! I love the freedom we have to just use our simple God-given gifts in ordinary ways, for ordinary things and ordinary people. Striving to live these things out as faithfully as we know how where God has called us, brings glory to the one who is Extraordinary. Much love!

  2. i went to high school with you, and always thought you were the prettiest, smartest, artsiest, friendliest, fittest (dance team), all without trying. Happy to hear of your new found realization, but know that you have always been graceful in my eyes. Congrats on your steps to adopt, I’ve always found people who adopt to be truly giving and selfless, not to mention full of love. Good luck~

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