#FrancisPartyof4: Crowdfunding Page

Our adoption crowdfunding page is up! For those of you participating in my first Instagram auction coming up in the next week or 2 (details to be finalized), winning bids can be submitted here as well! Stay tuned for other ways to get involved–there will be #pencilligraphy giveaways!

From our site (www.youcaring.com/francisadoption):


We are Chad and Karen Francis (and our daughter M). Adoption has been part of our “Plan A” since before we were married, and our heart for adoption has only grown as we’ve more fully realized how beautifully it shadows the gospel (Rom. 8, Gal. 4, Eph. 1), how huge the need is, and how actionable our pro-life stance is.

As we discussed all of the logistics surrounding adoption, we felt called to pursue it sooner rather than later and in between having biological children, so we’ve signed on with Faithful Adoption Consultants to pursue domestic infant adoption!


Instagram – @_kaiwen (auctions & updates)
Blog – www.substanceovershadows.com


As we endeavor to adopt baby #2, we desperately need your prayers! Here are the top 3 ways you can pray with us and for us in the coming months:

  1. For kiddo #2. Pray for his/her biological mama and the difficult decision she faces in choosing who to adopt her precious child; pray that she would have comfort and peace throughout the process and thank God for her decision to choose life for her baby.
  2. For us. We know that God’s perfect plan will unravel in his timing and in his ways, and ask that you would pray alongside us for patience, wisdom, and increasing faith as we navigate the adoption process.
  3. For M. She’s gonna be a big sister!


We have a goal to raise $16,000 for our adoption to go towards the costs that we have incurred (or anticipate incurring) in the coming months! We will be using our YouCaring site to accept donations for our off-site fundraisers as well. We anticipate that the adoption will cost between $40k-$60k in total, depending on the situation that the birth mom/child is in.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope to be #FrancisPartyof4 soon! :)

Sola Del Gloria!
– The Francises


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