#FrancisPartyof4: Placed!

I’m writing this as I wait for B to wake up for her middle-of-the-night feeding, so pardon any grammatical errors or discombobulated thoughts. 

B was born on Wednesday, July 12, at 8:37am. 6 lbs, 14 oz, 18″. Her birth mama was so brave, so strong, and so selfless in choosing LIFE for her little girl. Chad and I are humbled and amazed by the precious gift we’ve been entrusted with, and we pray that her birth mom’s heart will be filled with peace as she navigates the next season without B, that she would cling to the goodness of her great God in Christ regardless of the hand she’s been dealt in this life. 

This week has been a whirlwind of events, a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve never simultaneously felt so much joy yet so much sorrow in the same circumstance, among the same people. I think the clearest paradox that I can relate to this would probably be when I deeply feel the depth of my sin along with the abundant grace of God, the both-and nature of the contradictory feelings with two very different truths. It’s when I allow my heart to really feel both truths in its entirety that I am filled with the most peace–intellectual acknowledgement isn’t enough (Matthew 22:37).

Oh, for the day that sin will be no more, that the only adoption that remains is our adoption as daughters and sons through Christ because every tear from every eye will be wiped away!

Andddd time to feed hungry baby. 

(Insert alternative to abrupt ending of this blog post. 😂)


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