Teaching My Toddler About Jesus

2018. Post 45/100. Toddlers are little sponges. Toddlers also don't understand logic or reasoning. So talking to my toddler (M) about Jesus gets interesting. A mom in my virtual mama community (thank you, Facebook) posted about tips/tricks/resources/recommendations for talking to her toddler about all things relating to faith. After typing up a lengthy response, I … Continue reading Teaching My Toddler About Jesus



2018. Post 44/100. Today I turned 30 years old. Chad took the day off so that I could spend the day doing whatever I wanted. He surprised me with the most thoughtful booklet filled with sweet, encouraging, and funny things and a sweet gift to edit photos of our kids. He got me coffee, cleaned … Continue reading Thirty

Adoption Series: Costs

2018. Post 43/100.   People don't like talking about finances surrounding adoption because it's highly personal and varies pretty significantly from case to case. If you're hoping for a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of how much working capital you'll need to fund your potential adoption, you don't have to read further... because I just don't know. What … Continue reading Adoption Series: Costs

When Life Is Good, Is Jesus Still Better?

2018. Post 42/100. I'm literally living my dream in this season. I'm married to a man who knows and loves Jesus and leads our family in joyful service. I have three beautiful, healthy daughters who are well-routined and absolutely adorable. My relationships with my mom, dad, and sister are the strongest they've ever been. I … Continue reading When Life Is Good, Is Jesus Still Better?

Adoption Series: Our Adoption Story, Part 6

2018. Post 41/100. (Cont'd from "Our Adoption Story, Part 5") B is now 8.5 months old. She became a big sister to #3 in November and legally a Francis in December. She is crawling and eating solids. She loves big bright bows, exploring, and playing with (pulling) her sisters' hair. She takes 2 naps a … Continue reading Adoption Series: Our Adoption Story, Part 6

Adoption Series: Our Adoption Story, Part 5

2018. Post 40/100. (Cont'd from "Our Adoption Story, Part 4") Bonding with B was really, really hard for me. Let me backpedal a little bit and tell you more about myself. I don't love kids. Until I had M, I didn't have any huge desire to hold babies, play with kids... I was basically a … Continue reading Adoption Series: Our Adoption Story, Part 5