#FrancisPartyof4: Placed!

I'm writing this as I wait for B to wake up for her middle-of-the-night feeding, so pardon any grammatical errors or discombobulated thoughts.  B was born on Wednesday, July 12, at 8:37am. 6 lbs, 14 oz, 18". Her birth mama was so brave, so strong, and so selfless in choosing LIFE for her little girl. … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4: Placed!


#FrancisPartyof4 – We’re Active!

#FrancisPartyof4 adoption update!!!! After a long period of paperwork, waiting, more waiting, and waiting some more (the Lord must be teaching us patience 😏), we are ACTIVE with Faithful Adoption Consultants to present to birth moms!!!! On to more waiting and I couldn't be more excited! Please continue to pray for us, for baby, and … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – We’re Active!

#FrancisPartyof4 Adoption Profile Book: Ready for Print!

After hours of staring at our computer screens, our book is done! Chad used his design skills to put together our book, and then I filled in most of the text! We did it! Now we just need to wait for our home study to be officially "done" (2nd visit with our social worker is … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 Adoption Profile Book: Ready for Print!

#FrancisPartyof4 – Home Study is Almost Done!

Our home study paperwork is all in! (California out-of-state background checks take 6-8 weeks, so this took longer than expected.) Next up: complete the home study, finish our adoption profile book (pictured, which will be what is presented to birth moms), and become active clients with Faithful Adoption Consultants! At the rate we are going … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – Home Study is Almost Done!