Teaching My Toddler About Jesus

2018. Post 45/100. Toddlers are little sponges. Toddlers also don't understand logic or reasoning. So talking to my toddler (M) about Jesus gets interesting. A mom in my virtual mama community (thank you, Facebook) posted about tips/tricks/resources/recommendations for talking to her toddler about all things relating to faith. After typing up a lengthy response, I … Continue reading Teaching My Toddler About Jesus



2018. Post 44/100. Today I turned 30 years old. Chad took the day off so that I could spend the day doing whatever I wanted. He surprised me with the most thoughtful booklet filled with sweet, encouraging, and funny things and a sweet gift to edit photos of our kids. He got me coffee, cleaned … Continue reading Thirty

Embracing the Chaos: 3 S’s to Sanity

2018. Post 29/100. Life with 3 under 3 is unpredictable. Thankfully with sleep training I (usually) get a couple hours of peace and quiet in the middle of the day. There are days where everyone is on schedule and my living room looks social media perfect. There are days where everyone is mellow and going … Continue reading Embracing the Chaos: 3 S’s to Sanity