#FrancisPartyof4 – We’re Active!

#FrancisPartyof4 adoption update!!!! After a long period of paperwork, waiting, more waiting, and waiting some more (the Lord must be teaching us patience 😏), we are ACTIVE with Faithful Adoption Consultants to present to birth moms!!!! On to more waiting and I couldn't be more excited! Please continue to pray for us, for baby, and … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – We’re Active!


#FrancisPartyof4 Adoption Profile Book: Ready for Print!

After hours of staring at our computer screens, our book is done! Chad used his design skills to put together our book, and then I filled in most of the text! We did it! Now we just need to wait for our home study to be officially "done" (2nd visit with our social worker is … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 Adoption Profile Book: Ready for Print!

#FrancisPartyof4 – $2,534 Raised!

Wow! Thank you for your support of #FrancisPartyof4 and your kindness and generosity towards our growing family. I'm not gonna lie, I was fearful the auction fundraiser would be a bust, that I would have little interaction on the items, and that the whole thing would be a waste of time. But alas, after closing … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – $2,534 Raised!

#FrancisPartyof4 Auction Sneak Peek!

Our dining room has officially transformed into a pencilligraphy war zone in the Francis home. I have signs, pens, and donated goodies coming out of my ears and we are beyond excited for the adoption auction on Insta at the end of the month! It's only 2 weeks away! Anyhow, I will be posting a Facebook … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 Auction Sneak Peek!

#FrancisPartyof4 – Crowdfunding Page

Our adoption crowdfunding page is up! For those of you participating in my first Instagram auction coming up in the next week or 2 (details to be finalized), winning bids can be submitted here as well! Stay tuned for other ways to get involved--there will be #pencilligraphy giveaways! From our site (www.youcaring.com/francisadoption): HELLO! We are … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – Crowdfunding Page

3 Tips for Babywise Success

Chad and I both have type-A personalities and thrive on routine, schedules, and to-do lists. It seemed to be a no-brainer that we would, for our own sanity, try to set some sort of routine for our baby as well. We were recommended to use Babywise from a number of friends and started with M … Continue reading 3 Tips for Babywise Success