We Are Free!

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. - Galatians 5:1 ESV Every year I have a go-to Christmas song that I could listen on repeat the entire season. Sometimes it's because I love the musicianship, sometimes it's "just because," but this year … Continue reading We Are Free!


With Love, The Francises

  Yes, that is correct! No, it should not have an apostrophe. Anywhere. In fact, nobody's Christmas card should be signed with added apostrophes. Save your apostrophes to signal possession, not pluralization! So for those of you sending us Christmas cards this year, please send it the Francises. :) --- Evidence: Google Slate Article The Grammarist MIT … Continue reading With Love, The Francises

Christmas is for the Needy

It was a humbling week following Chad's sermon on how Christmas is for the needy, not the proud. I am okay with acknowledging my need for Jesus on a superficial level: in conversations, on social media, at Community Group... but when I'm actually faced with my limitations practically, my prideful heart reveals itself in ways that wreck … Continue reading Christmas is for the Needy

#FrancisPartyof4 – $2,534 Raised!

Wow! Thank you for your support of #FrancisPartyof4 and your kindness and generosity towards our growing family. I'm not gonna lie, I was fearful the auction fundraiser would be a bust, that I would have little interaction on the items, and that the whole thing would be a waste of time. But alas, after closing … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – $2,534 Raised!

#FrancisPartyof4 Auction Sneak Peek!

Our dining room has officially transformed into a pencilligraphy war zone in the Francis home. I have signs, pens, and donated goodies coming out of my ears and we are beyond excited for the adoption auction on Insta at the end of the month! It's only 2 weeks away! Anyhow, I will be posting a Facebook … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 Auction Sneak Peek!

#FrancisPartyof4 – Instagram Adoption Auction

Fundraising is terrifying. The last time I tried to fundraise, God basically confirmed that I should stop doing what I was doing, so I was a little gun-shy when I felt prompted to do a public, completely-at-the-mercy-of-others adoption auction fundraiser. (Ha!) I've been doing hand-lettering (#pencilligraphy) for a number of years now, mostly for fun, … Continue reading #FrancisPartyof4 – Instagram Adoption Auction